Author: Marketing Team

How to Harvest Container Garden Vegetables

Harvest time is your chance to enjoy the results of all the attention and patience you’ve devoted to your container garden. After all that work, it can be tempting to simply reach out and grab some fresh tomatoes, lettuce, or zucchini without a second thought. However, as with every stage in the growing process, harvesting […]

Maximize Savings with Our Tiered Discount Program

At Left Coast Wholesale, we believe there are many benefits to doing business with us. Our dedicated sales team, the top-quality, tried and trusted products we offer, and our commitment to the community that got us to where we are today. One of the core pillars of our business model is our Tiered Discount Program. […]

5 Common Gardening Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Gardening is a favored pastime for many people. It’s a relaxing hobby that provides food for the table while keeping your yard colorful and well-maintained, but those just starting often underestimate how complicated it can be. Knowing common gardening mistakes and how to fix them can truly make a difference in how you enjoy your garden, […]