7 Essential Products for Harvest Time

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As every gardener knows, harvest season is the chance to capitalize on months of planning, hard work, and attention to detail.  So much time and energy has been devoted to the development of healthy, thriving crops that it is crucial to preserve the quality of the end product by using the right tools for the job. Left Coast Wholesale is here to help with our list of 7 essential products to help your customers navigate every stage of the harvesting process.


As the final push of the growing season, Terpinator and Purpinator fertilizers are excellent ways to encourage plants to perform to their greatest potential. A team of professional cultivators conducted years of trials to ensure that these natural products were designed to specifically boost the concentration of terpenes – the building blocks of the essential oils found in most plants and flowers. As a result, customers report increased taste, aroma, and overall quality due to the use of Terpinator and Purpinator.


Flower Tower

After harvest, growers in need of a simple, cost-effective way to dry their goods can find their solution in the Flower Tower. This soft-coated mesh collapsible hanging rack is available in the open-air bucket style or the screen-enclosed zipper style, allowing the grower to select the option that suits their drying environment. Both models are built with a supportive center strap to prevent bowing and ensure evenly distributed airflow.



The Trimbag Dry Trimmer allows you to trim up to 2 pounds of medicinal herbs in about 15 minutes, removing approximately 90% of the unwanted material in preparation for minimal fine tuning. The first bladeless, collapsible design on the market prevents damage to the final product and features BPA-free canvas and a soft carrying case for ease of storing and shipping. On top of all that, the Trimbag also helps you recycle the trimmed material thanks to a unique zipper design. Pair this with the Trim Bin for an efficient, high yield combination.


Trim Bin

Product trimming is made easy, comfortable, and efficient with the Trim Bin ergonomic tray. Trim Bin’s 2-tray system features a 150-micron filter to separate small particles into the lower tray for later collection, high-molded walls to keep the work area clean, and rounded edges to provide comfort over an extended work period. Left Coast Wholesale also offers additional useful accessories such as an interchangeable 220-micron screen and an attachable bag holder.


Scissor Scrubber

Keeping your tools clean is one of the most important concerns of a successful harvest. Harvest More’s Scissor Scrubber makes this job easy and fast. Just fill the container with your preferred cleaning solution and let your dirty scissors soak while you trim with a clean pair. Cleanliness and efficiency in one product.


Turkey Bags

Once the season’s harvest has been processed it can be protected from cross-contamination, oxidation, and pests with Left Coast’s very own Turkey Bags. These smell-proof, resealable, BPA-free nylon bags are available in 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 36″ sizes and can be stored easily for future use. All material is USDA and FDA approved and manufactured in the United States with American-made materials.


Boveda Humidity Control Packs

Growers can store their processed goods at the optimized humidity level of their choice for several months with Boveda Humidity Control Packs. This popular product is available in two humidity levels and three sizes for a variety of applications and environments. For added safety, Boveda Humidity Control Packs include a hyperfiltration membrane that ensures your stored harvest is exposed only to clean, pure water vapor. Just add a pack to your dried material and it takes care of the rest.


We’re confident that these products will take the hassle and frustration out of your customers’ harvest season. Find more essential products for growers in the Left Coast Wholesale shop.

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