5 Reasons Your Customers Will Love DYNOMYCO

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Cultivators are always looking for the best products for their grows, and we at Left Coast Wholesale strive to source superior products to help you meet their needs. With this in mind, we would like to introduce DYNOMYCO, a high-quality mycorrhizal inoculant we’ve just brought into our catalog.

As you may already know, mycorrhizae are a group of fungi that colonize the roots of plants, allowing for increased uptake of nutrients and water, including chemically unavailable Phosphorus. For this reason, mycorrhizae are a staple in any cultivator’s arsenal. After careful consideration of top-performing mycorrhizal inoculants on the market, we decided to bring DYNOMYCO into the family. Read on to discover why DYNOMYCO will be a hit with your customers.

5 Reasons Your Customers Will Love DYNOMYCO

1. Increased Yields

Growers who inoculate their roots with mycorrhizae see a marked improvement in plant growth. This is because mycorrhizae extend the root system with hyphae that can break down more components in the fertilizer, allowing plants to uptake nutrients that were both physically and chemically unavailable. This is particularly shown in the amount of Phosphorus the plant is able to process. Without mycorrhizae, plants can only break down about 15% of the Phosphorus available in the soil. With DYNOMYCO, the same plant will increase its Phosphorus uptake to up to 90%! This results in a boost to plant growth, healthier and more robust stalks and stems, and a 10-45% increase in yields. 

2. Highly Concentrated Granules

One of the greatest advantages DYNOMYCO has over competitors is the potency of their inoculant formula. DYNOMYCO is up to three times more concentrated than other leading mycorrhizal inoculants, with around 900 propagules per gram of two species of mycorrhizae specific to high-value cash crops and medicinal herbs. While other brands have a large number of mycorrhizal species, DYNOMYCO avoids adding extraneous strains of mycorrhizae to their formula. Cultivators can have confidence that they are getting a healthy concentration of live spores, hyphae, and root fragments of mycorrhizae that specifically interact with high-value cash crops.

3. Compatible with Most Nutrient Systems and Microbes

It’s hard to find additives that work with the many nutrient systems out there, but DYNOMYCO boasts compatibility with many of them! Suitable for any growth media, DYNOMYCO works well with conventional fertilizers such as Green Planet Nutrients and organic fertilizers like Geoflora Nutrients. DYNOMYCO can even be used in hydroponic grows that use a growing medium other than water alone. Additional microbe supplements like Earth Alive Soil Activator can also be added to the growth media in conjunction with DYNOMYCO–though Trichoderma species can inhibit the growth of mycorrhizal fungi and should be added two weeks or more after inoculating with DYNOMYCO. 

4. 30 Years of Science

DYNOMYCO is the result of 30 years of research and development and brings to the market strains of mycorrhizae that were isolated in the Judean Desert. These fungi are hardy enough to survive fluctuations in temperature, humidity, pH, and salinity in the soil, and were chosen specifically for their ability to colonize the roots of high-value cash crops. Prior to their product launch in 2019, DYNOMYCO underwent beta testing with cash crop growers in the United States and Israel with incredible success. 

5. Clean and Sustainable

For those who are growing organically and looking for cleaner and more sustainable ways to increase their grow’s productivity, DYNOMYCO is an excellent solution. Mycorrhizae are a natural way to enhance plant growth and nutrient uptake without adding more fertilizer. DYNOMYCO is currently Clean Green certified for sustainable agricultural practices and is in the process of becoming federally approved for organic certification (NOP). By enabling more efficient utilization of phosphorus in fertilizers, DYNOMYCO hopes to reduce ecologically harmful phosphorus mining and allow growers everywhere to produce a cleaner product with less environmental impact.  

We are very excited to bring DYNOMYCO into our catalog and feel that it embodies all aspects of a top-quality product that we look for when curating additions to our product offerings. If you’d like to learn more about DYNOMYCO from the source, read our recent interview with DYNOMYCO Sales Manager Ari Singer, or check out our product page here.

Contact your Left Coast Wholesale sales representative at or call (800)681-1757 to make DYNOMYCO available to your customers.

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