2019 brought in a whole lotta new – let’s recap

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are in full swing, and the New Year is waiting to make a grand entrance. We took a look at what we’ve accomplished in the past year, and are pleased to say it’s been a lot! Besides customer events and staff parties, we brought new products to our already extensive properties – and they’ve all been excellent examples of the quality we proudly carry! 

Though Left Coast Wholesale is best known for high quality GeoPot fabric pots, raised fabric beds and affordable indoor and outdoor gardening products for all scales of grow – we keep expanding our offerings. Let’s see what was new in 2019:



Tribus Microbes Original is a highly concentrated, targeted blend of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria that can be used with organic or conventional growing practices to increase crop quality and quantity. This powerhouse filled with beneficial rhizobacteria gives the roots of your plants a boost – more roots means more fruits! 


ECoworks and Ecomax

Both of these products make use of neem oil for effective pest control as well as a vegan nutrient for your organic growing needs. 

ECOWORKS EC is formulated with cold pressed neem oil as the active ingredient and food grade formulation inerts, and EcoMax enhances uptake of other plant nutrients through chelation with macro and micronutrients in the cultivation medium. Talk about an unbeatable duo!

Though they’re both powerhouses, they are different products and these important differences should be noted:  EcoMax is made from the ground up kernels that are used in ECOWORKS after the oil extraction process, meaning that there is no waste in the production process. EcoMax does not contain neem oil either, it is the leftover kernels from the neem oil extraction process of ECOWORKS. EcoMax contains a lot of beneficial nutrients and aminos, as well as carbohydrates which help stimulate the soil bacteria and allow for balanced slow release growth. ECOWORKS has a LOT of pros over other neem oils, (no surfactant needed, easily mixes with water, more effective than standard leaf shines).


Geoflora Nutrients

Geoflora Nurtrients is by far one of our favorites! Geoflora Nutrients is an easy to use organic fertilizer system that can be deployed on a large scale. By combining a granular form factor with a wide range of carefully selected organic ingredients, Geoflora Nutrients delivers a balanced charge of beneficial bacteria and over 19 organic inputs with diverse macro and secondary nutrient profiles, which work together to produce a simple yet effective solution for cultivators who want to see results!


Fly Web

When it come to pest control and monitoring, it can’t get easier! Fungus gnats, white flies, aphids, thrips, and leafminers are just a few of the species attracted to these traps. FlyWeb® Insect Monitor Cards feature an easy peel dual sided glue to reduce contact with hands and perforated cards for placement around the base of the stem or plug, tight space monitoring/control, or for general canopy monitoring.



Irrigation used to be tricky – but Octo-Flow has made this chore a breeze! The Octo-Flow – 8 Port Irrigation Manifold comes pre-packaged with a hex key, o-ring, and hex wrench, and provides users with 2 products in one durable, easy to configure package; get dialed in with the twist of the wrench!


Propagation kit

From the Q Plug 50 Count Propagation Kit, Q Plug refills, to a Humidity Dome we now feature everything you need from iHort to make growing from seeds or cuttings a breeze! The Q Plug provides excellent aeration and buffering for root development, with superior water control compared to other propagation plugs. A strong foundation for your plants is the first step to success, and healthy, robust root systems are an important part of this process.

Soil Activator

Earth Alive Soil Activator

Earth Alive Soil Activator is a biofertilizer composed of a blend of naturally occurring soil microorganisms with an all-natural forestry byproduct. Intended for all types of plants and soils, Earth Alive Soil Activator releases nutrients from organic matter, boosts nitrogen levels in the soil, solubilizes phosphorus, and improves micronutrient availability. A successful grow starts with the soil, and Earth Alive Soil Activator gives you a great start!